Lonely Planet for free


Lonely Planet is a staple of travelers around the world. They are a wealth of information and we have utilized them for getting acquainted with many unknown cities. But they aren’t cheap; especially if you are visiting multiple places. Luckily there’s a few ways you can get all the books for free!

Option 1 – The Old School Way

Your local city library will have many of the Lonely Planet along with other guides available. Although they are likely to not be the latest versions, they will still provide a great informational primer for wherever you’re headed.

Tip: If you use Google Chrome and are an avid Amazon shopper, do yourself a favor and download this library book extension. When you’re browsing a book listing, it automatically searches your local library to see if it’s available and let’s you reserve it. It’s amazing what your local library has in stock!

The other downsides of this method are library rental time limits and the hassle of carrying heavy books if you’re visiting multiple countries. Which brings us to option 2…

Option 2 – The Better Way

Hmm $19.40 or $0...
Hmm $19.40 or $0…

Amazon has a program called Kindle Unlimited that offers over one million books for $9.99 a month. Almost all of the Lonely Planet books are included as well as many other travel books. You don’t need a Kindle either, the app is available for almost any other device.

But wait… You said free and $9.99 isn’t free! Well when you sign up you get a one month free trial and it’s easy to cancel your account before that ends. If you find a lot of important information, you can screenshot individual pages on your device to refer to later. I’ve been really happy with Kindle Unlimited and love the flexibility of being able to download travel books without having to put much thought into the purchase.

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